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Detailed Battery Comparison and Benchmark test between the HTC ONE M9 and the iPhone 6 Plus! Music by Approaching Nirvana. Song: Dont Buy the song on iTunes: Sources: PhoneArena.com. Follow Me for updates: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google Posted in: Battery tests, Featured, iOS, Mobile phones. Apple iPhone 6 Plus battery life test.Now that the review is done its time to take a closer look at the Apple iPhone 6 Plus battery life and how it stacks up against the competition. Ресурс PhoneArena опубликовал результаты тестирования времени автономной работы iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus в сравнении с другими топовыми смартфонами, которые нельзя назвать выдающимися. У новых iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus в сравнении с конкурентами есть одно неоспоримо слабое место. И это — время автономной работы. Phonearena проводит тестирование с помощью веб-скрипта собственной разработки Q: iPhone 6 Plus battery drain. my iPhome 6 battery experience is awfull after iOS 8.3 update. With full charge I get around 3 hours of usage.Q: iPhone 6 Plus battery drain. Hide Question. Helpful answers. Now, a new battery life test by PhoneArena has confirmed that the Xperia Z3 will continue Sonys tradition of providing best-in-class battery life. In fact, the Xperia Z3 went on to crush Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by offering more on-screen time. iPhone 6 Plus: Battery Life.

In our standard video test where we play a standard definition video on loop until the battery dies, the iPhone 6 Pluss battery managed just under 12 hours before shutting down. phonearenabatterylifetest6. 4 апреля 22:04. 15.В тесте камер DxOMark Meizu Pro 7 Plus оказался на уровне одного из iPhone. 30 ноября 21:22. 1 852. Apple decided to reduce the battery size in the latest iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus. While the company claimed that improved hardware and software will make up for the smaller battery capacities, do the new devices batteries really last longer than their predecessors? The iPhone 6 Pluss battery latested for 6 hours and 15 minutes in 3G browsing, again about twice the amount of iPhone 6s battery.Author Srivatsan SridharPosted on November 26, 2014Categories Apple, Battery test, iPhone. The battery on the flagship device lasts for exactly 8 hours, according to test results published by phoneArena.Apple iPhone 6 Plus Battery Test - FoneArena.com.

Rating: 4 - 6 votesNov 26, 2014 We reviewed the iPhone 6 Plus earlier this week. We saw how the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of performance, but how well do Apples new smartphones stack up to the competition when it comes to battery life? We ran our battery test over the weekend to find out. Battery Test: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.6s Plus iPhone 6s battery test: Still thinking about whether to get the new iPhone 6s smartphones or buy the iPhones of last year at a discount? iPhone 6 battery life (left), iPhone 6 Plus battery life (right). It is important to understand that your battery life will vary as per your usage, so if you listen to your music locally from the Music app and not stream off LTE/3G/Wi-Fi, your battery life would last much longer. Совсем недавно популярный блог Phone Arena опубликовал очередной отчет о масштабном сравнительном тестировании автономности нынешних мобильных флагманов, в ходе которого основное внимание уделено было моделям iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. После выхода нового поколения калифорнийских смартфонов специалисты сразу же бросились проверять его характеристики и тестировать его на выявления каких-то багов или ошибок. Благодаря некоторым из них, мы узнали That said, you could imagine our surprise when we learned that the battery in Samsungs flagship Galaxy S8 performed worse than the cell powering Apples iPhone 7 Plus, as per a new test carried out by review website PhoneArena. The iPhone 6 Plus is larger, and contains a larger battery. This means the iPhone 6 Plus gets the longest battery life. The capacity of the iPhone 6 battery has not been announced, but leaks have pointed to an 1810 mAh lithium-ion battery. In concordance with PhoneArena, the new iPhones have 25 and 50 faster graphics. Battery life test for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to the battery life benchmarking test carried out by Phone Arena, both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus perform commendably.iPhone 6S Beats iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 In Battery Life Tests. iPhone 6 Plus review. Apples first big iPhone examined in-depth. By John McCann 2017-11-20T15:08:00.323Z Mobile phones.However, thats on iOS 9, and it is an improvement on when the phone was running iOS 8 back then the same test cut the battery down to 73. Well thanks to the folks at PhoneArena, they have managed to test out both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery and have since found it a tad lacking when compared to the competition, some of which are older devices. phonearena battery.Apple iPhone SE first official camera test images: new i-cdn. phonearena.com.(It actually is a i-cdn.phonearena.com. Unboxing iPhone 6S Plus Qu viene dentro de la caja cde.peru.com. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs LG G6 vs Pixel XL Battery Drain Test Iphone 6 plus battery test phonearena.Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus - phonearena.com. The iPhone 7 Plus has a comparably massive 5.5 9:16 LCD display. IPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus battery life comparison test Lets get ready to rumble an find out if and how much more battery life you get out of the bigger The iPhone 6s Battery Life Is Better Than Most Of Its Android Competitors, According To These Test Results. Lisa Eadicicco. Sep.But according to technology website AnandTechs recent tests, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can both outlast many high-end Android phones. По части производительности графики iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus уверенно прорвались в топ, но, уступили место iPhone 5S. Случайность ли?Вчера на phonearena.ком выложили результаты тестов батарей. PhoneArena has run the new iPhones through their comprehensive suite of battery tests. The results are in, and frankly, they dont look too good.The iPhone 6 Plus, even with its much larger and higher-resolution display, performs slightly better. That said, you could imagine our surprise when we learned that the battery in Samsungs flagship Galaxy S8 performed worse than the cell powering Apples iPhone 7 Plus, as per a new test carried out by review website PhoneArena. Part 1. How to replace iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 pluss battery. As mentioned earlier, replacing iPhones battery does not require knowledge about rocket science, but you should have some prior experience in replacing phone batteries. I use many Android phones, iPhone, windows phone and only fanboys claim battery life is better on Android phones. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk.

This is a test from Phonearena. Об этом пишет издание PhoneArena со ссылкой на данные от китайского агентства связи TENAA.Для сравнения: батарея iPhone 6 Plus составляла 2915 мАч.viaches, Какая-то сторонняя программа типа Battery Life. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256Gb (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition (MPR62RU/A).Обновление: Еще один тест аккумулятора OnePlus One от phonearena. iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus Battery Adhesive Strips.I used an inexpensive screen protector then removed it after reassembling and testing are complete. Вводишь в YouTube фразу "iphone 8 plus battery test", смотришь несколько роликов в которых сравнивают автономность айфон 8 и других устройств и понимаешь, что илиВоняет перечислением бабосиков авторосику (самое смешное, что не автору 4pda, а на phonearena) Note 4 iPhone 6 Plus 16 Gig Storage iPhone 6 Battery Life Test New iPhone 6 Battery Life iPhone 6 Plus Lock Screen Hack iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5 Celebrities with iPhone 6 Plus Brake iPhone 6Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery life stats. 680 x 416 jpeg 189kB. www. phonearena.com. Meanwhile, Quartz reports authorities in China have accused Apple of failing to meet basic consumer needs for normal wireless communications, and said the battery defect affects the whole range of iPhone 6 devices, including the iPhone 6 Plus, not just a very small number of 6s models. But the latest iPhones, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have a very specific and undeniable weakness when compared with what competitors offer, and that weakness is battery lifeThis story is part of: PhoneArena battery life test(21 updates). Smartphone el classico as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 goes head to head with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. This time its battery life as we get to see Asian efficiency go against American ingenuity in this clash of civilizations, err phones. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus crush rivals in performance tests despite dual-core CPU.An image showing Phone Arenas current smartphone battery life rankings follows below. Издание PhoneArena провело традиционный тест аккумуляторов флагманов года.Кстати, в уже далеком 2015 году только два смарта преодолели отметку в 9 часов Samsung Galaxy Note 5 и iPhone 6s Plus. Having a battery case for your iPhone 6s Plus is a great way to ensure you never run out of juice while youre out-and-about with your super hectic schedule while giving your battery life a lil extra insurance. The GFXBench 3.0 Battery Life test saw the iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge tie at 2.86, the iPhone 6s was at 2.45, while the Galaxy S6 did not make the list. Another test conducted by PhoneArena shows that the iPhone 6s battery lasted longer than that of the Samsung offerings Thanks benchmarks we have seen that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus dual-core Apple A9 are the fastest smartphones on the market. In Phonearena decided to test the flagship Apples decision on the subject of battery life and compare them with competitors. Phone Arenas battery life test results are out. Apples new iPhone 6s Plus reportedly tallies the Galaxy Note 5 in the battery life test. Pictured above: The iPhone 6S Plus is displayed at the flagship Apple store in Tokyo. Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Battery. Width Height Thickness Weight User reviews 1 Write a review.Capacity of the battery of Apple iPhone 6 Plus and details about other Apple models with the same or similar capacity. 1. The iPhone 6 Plus, with a larger screen, requires more power than the iPhone 6. 2. The 6 Plus, with a larger internal volume, relative to the 6, can fit a larger battery (aside from the camera and the screen size, I dont believe there are sign Thanks to the benchmarks we can see that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with a dual core processor Apple A9 are the fastest smartphones on the market. In Phonearena decided to test the flagship Apple products were on the subject of battery life and compare them with competitors. So, how does iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus battery life compares to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Find out in this battery test video below.PeteCee. The phonearena website got much better results from the 6s. fyahking, Oct 7, 2014 : Ok, I have a question for you with an iPhone 6 or not. I have talked to 3 sheep about the 6 battery screen on time.Is this even possible when phonearena.com tested the 6 and only got 6 hrs of screen on time?

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