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Su is not meant to do that -- sudo is. Open /etc/sudoers.d/custom and write the following: User-a ALL(user-b:user-b) NOPASSWD:ALL. Which means: whenever user-a executes sudo -u user-b (or any other variant), let him go without asking for password. The su command stands for "substitute user", and allows you to become different user(super user). sudo su changes the current user to root but environment settings (PATH) would remain same. It allows user who have permissions to execute a command as the superuser or another user sudo allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser or another user, as specified by the security policy.Please note that sudo will normally only log the command it explicitly runs. If a user runs a command such as sudo su or sudo sh, subsequent commands run from that shell are Su vs. Sudo. При выполнении команды su без дополнительных опций она переключает вас в сеанс суперпользователя (или root).Вы можете изменить тип аккаунта в настройках в разделе "User Accounts". Акканту,созданному при установке системы, Ubuntu автоматически I need issue this command with sudo: sudo su -applprod Sorry, user john is not allowed to execute /usr/bin/ su -applprod as root on solaris002. How enable this ? The sudo program allows a user to start a program with the credentials of another user.6. Now use su - to switch to another user and notice the difference. Note that su - gets you into the home directory of Tania. This is nothing to do with another physical user.

Both IDs are mine. I know the password as I created the account.To get it nearer to the behaviour su - user2 instead of su user2, the commands should probably all involve sudo -u user2 -i, in order to simulate an initial login as user2 Gert van den Berg Logging in as another user. root account.sudo -s (similar to sudo su). For a brief overview of some of the differences between su, su -, and sudo -i,s see : Ubuntu Forums Post with nice table . The Perl system calls when it runs as another user using sudo. I have developed a perl script which provides a menu driven functionality to allow users to carry out some simple tasks.Executing the command as another user on Linux with su - user c creates a duplicate process. If you are using only su you will have to know the target users password to have access. Using sudo without parameters implies that you want to use root. If you want to execute the command as another user, try sudo -u . The su command (as used by IBM UrbanCode Deploy) enables a user to start a shell as another user (process steps can be considered individual shells).

su and sudo maintain a record in the system logs of all of their activity. su can be used without configuring the sudoers file. Dont sudo su - user, use sudo -iu user instead. (Easier to manage through sudoers, by the way.) grawity Feb 9 11 at 12:07.If you want to run another command from within the script as this other user, you should use something like Состояние перевода: На этой странице представлен перевод статьи Sudo. Дата последней синхронизации: 2015-06-29. Вы можете помочь синхронизировать перевод, если в английской версии произошли изменения. sudo I have this command before function: system("sudo su - user2") But now I dont know what I should write into sudoers file?. program always ask me to write password when I program executes this system command. If a normal user needs to perform any system wide changes he needs to use either su or sudo command.adduser bob sudo. Thats all for now. Ill be here again with another Interesting article. Till then stay tuned and connected to Tecmint. In Unix, what are the sudo and su commands? and allows you to become another user.Contents. Graphical sudo Drag Drop sudo Users. Allowing other users to run sudo Logging in as another user sudo su. Например, нам необходимо найти всех имеющихся пользователей в системе, увидеть их каталоги и присвоить права нужного каталога одного пользователя другому. Для этого если бы я использовал Ubuntu, то команда в терминале была бы следующей The Unix commands sudo and su allow access to other commands as a different user.The su command stands for "switch user", and allows you to become another user. To use the su command on a per-command basis, enterкоманды su или можете передать в параметре нужную команду утилите sudo, котораяUserAlias — псевдоним пользователей, которые будут использовать sudoRunasAlias — псевдоним пользователей, от имени которых будут выполняться команды - permission - allow sudo to another user I want to be able to su to a specific user, allowing me to run any command without a password being entered. For example: If my login were user1 and the user I want From the blog, heres the procedure. sudo su - someuser. script /dev/null. screen.As your post helped me when I got this error, Ill give you another solution, I think it is the one that is expected to be the right one for screen Look at the above snapshot, command "su -" has assumed root as the target. Running Program As Another User / sudo Command. The sudo command allows a user to start programs with the credentials of another user. Являясь полной заменой su, sudo должна бы быть единственной командой переключения между пользователями, однако, как было сказано вначале, в настоящий момент это не так и все зачем-то изобретают дикие последовательности из sudo, su, vi и черточек. The sudo - Super User Do. Another way to switch users or execute commands as others is to use the sudo command.One of the advantages of using sudo over the su command is that you dont need to know the password of the other user. The su command lets any user change their user id and start a shell as another user.As described earlier, if su runs as root, you will not need to enter the target users password. Now the question is, how can you run sudo. I want to be able to su to a specific user, allow sudo to another user without password. Root user has password. su - user will require a password for user if it is run be a user other than root. sudo provides you a robust and safe environment with loads of flexibility as compared to su. You can use sudo with su to login as another user without requiring a password.Be warned that the ALLNOPASSWD part allows fromuser to run /bin/su - to user on any host that uses the sudoers file without requiring a password. Как разрешить доступ пользователю к команде sudo? Команда sudo предоставляет возможность пользователям выполнять команды от имени root, либо других пользователей. Правила, используемые sudo для принятия решения о предоставлении доступа sudo su - user2. 4. Set DISPLAY env to the same as user1s.I dont need this if I just log into another machine with ssh -X, but if I then sudo su to work as root, I cant find the right incantation to make xauth allow me to run X programs from the su job. И лучше настроить так: sudo пользователям(для выполнения ограниченного набора действий), а su — администраторам(для предоставления дополнительных прав) А что бы сделать sudo su без пароля: В /etc/sudoers добавить: user ALL(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL где user While sudo runs a single command with root privileges, su launches another shell instance with the privileges of the intended user. Both, sudo and su, are use to grant root privileges to the users in different manners. su - sudo su -. После первой публикации этой заметки мне было задано несколько вопросов.sudo -u user -c <команда>. Только полноправные пользователи могут оставлять комментарии. Войдите, пожалуйста. Сегодня я хочу рассказать о повышении прав обычного пользователя с помощью команд su и sudo.Существует более современный способ повышения пользовательских прав с помощью команды sudo (substitute user and do - подменить пользователя и выполнить). sudo executes a command as another user but follows a set of rules about which users can execute which commands as which other users. This is configured in a filed named /etc/sudoers. Unlike su, sudo authenticates users against their own password rather than that of the target user. Running Commands as Another User via sudo Problem You want one user to run commands as another, without sharing Ive been trying to use ssh keys in order to be able to switch from one user to another user on the same Linux machine/server by using sudo su - username. Today Were going to discuss sudo and su, the very important and mostly used commands in Linux.The Linux command su is used to switch from one account to another. User will be prompted for the password of the user switching to. sudo su - выполнить команду su, т.е. создать сеанс суперпользователя root. sudo -i - запустить командную оболочку с правами суперпользователя root.sudo -u user1 -g users2 vi /home/users2/textfile.txt - редактировать текстовый файл как пользователь user1, с task :sudotest do sudo "su - svcuser" run "whoami" end. I get prompted for my password, but then I get the shell prompt of the svcusers shell as output and everything hangs.I think what you want might run "sudo -u svcuser whoami" This will run the command whoami as the user svcuser. sudo su - should be possible but sudo su - shouldnt be for sudo user. 13. Does my Oracle DBA need root access?Allow www-data to use another user - sudo or ssh. 3 Solutions collect form web for Разница между sudo -i и sudo su. Основываясь на описаниях страниц man для su и sudo я бы предположил следующее. Поскольку sudo -iu означает оболочку входа, это будет эквивалентно su - или su -l . In one of our earlier articles, we discussed the sudo command in detail. Towards the ends of that tutorial, there was a mention of another similar command su in a small note.Theres another way to switch to the root user: run the su - command: Now, whats the difference between su and su ssh -X rootremotehost su - [username] export DISPLAYx.x.x.x:y.y xclock Error: Cant open display: x.x.x.x:y.y.3. Switch to another user account using sudo. Add the cookie from the command output above to the sudo user. Sudoing to a user then running screen doesnt work out of the box. Typically you get the following errorsudo su - someuser. script /dev/null. screen. That project user that we sudo su - projectuser into, has the permissions needed to access the projects directories.Personally, Id recommend playing around with cap shell first.

Additionally, theres another option here, but I think the original link above provides a better chance of working. Что такое Sudo в Linux. Sudo — это программа для Unix-подобных операционных систем, которая позволяет пользователям запускать программы с привилегиями безопасности другого пользователя, по умолчанию суперпользователя. В отличие от связанной команды su sudo su - appuser. Now you need to run xauth again, but this time not using list but add and after the add command you provide the info that the list command gave you above, like soAnother Odroid XU4 standard heatsink and fan replacement. The sudo command allows you to run any command as another user and is commonly used to elevate permissions so that the command is run as an administrator (whichHow To Switch To Another User And Adopt Their Environment. The su command can be used to switch to any other users account. Login as normal user with X11 forwarding enabled. [user1server1 ] echo DISPLAY. Localhost:10.0. [ user1server1 ] xauth list. Server1/unix:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 ea1897dde6549a56d7323640ed37111b. Run /usr/openwin/bin/xclock and make sure its displayed. The su commandcan also be used to run an individual command as another user. This was seen in the startup script for oracle in the last chapter.sudo, a More Secure Alternative to su. Q) When I run sudo it says I am not allowed to run the command as root but I dont want to run it as root, I want to run it as another user. My sudoers file entry looks like: bob ALL(oracle) ALL A) The default user sudo tries to run things as is

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