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I have [ASUS Rampage IV Extreme] [i7-3930K C2] [Corsair H110 2x Thermalright TY-143] i want maximum overclock my cpu for 24/7 full stable use, without cpu degradation. maybe 1.5v be absolutely safe, if temps keep around 50C, but i not have a enogh good cooling. Are these temps safe or should I beI recently installed a custom water cooling loop and my 3930k hit 72 degrees at 4.3ghz when running prime 95 small ffts. Are these temps safe or should I be doing something about it? К счастью, выход из этой ситуации существует. Помимо шестиядерных Core i7-3960X и Core i7-3930K Intel подготовила к выпуску и четырёхъядерный LGA 2011-процессор Core i7-3820, однако пока старт его продажам ещё не дан. Looking at some overclocking temperatures from Overclockers.com it seems they made it run at 4.3 GHz at 75 degrees Celcius. That would indicate that you still have some headroom while staying within safe temperature ranges. У меня в своё время был 2600K. Если бы я не перешёл на LGA2011, то сейчас тоже не медля обновился бы до 4770K. Т.к. разница между 3770K и 4770K сама по себе хороша, а разница между 2600K и 4770K - ещё более 64-разрядная позволяет более 4 Гб, что повышает производительность. Она также позволяет запускать 64-разрядные приложения. Intel Core i7-3930K. Охлаждение Core i 7 3930k. Артур Дорошенко Мыслитель (8627), закрыт 5 лет назад.PS: Указана температура самого горячего ядра, использовались программы Core Temp и cpu stress test! Обзор шестиядерного процессора Intel Core i7-3930K архитектуры Sandy Bridge-E для LGA 2011. Сегодня, 14 ноября, произошла демонстрация некоторого «перерождения», полюбившегося многим владельцам современных вычислительных систем, микроархитектуры Sandy Bridge. TCase is 74.

04C (max temp for temperatures on the IHS). Cores usually go higher than that, and throttling occurs around 90C, I think. As long as your CPU heatsink is working, cores will throttle long before your IHS temperatures hit 74C, thus safe temps for 3930k? www.tomshardware.

co.uk Hey guys. I just built my first PC and here are my specs. NZXT phantom crafted series (4fans) i7 3930k (using stock clocks) 100 using continiously Cinebench temps was between 69c and 73C All I want to know if my settings are safe for 24/7 with those good temperature (never exceed 68C at hottest core). I really don"t want to kill my 3930K in 3 month or 1 years or 3 years. Maybe the i7 3930K is your weapon of choice.In the temperature department we can see that the idle temp on the 3930K looks better and lines up with our other processors, but in the load department it continues to run a bit warmer than our other setups. Is overclocking safe? - Duration: 12:20. JayzTwoCents 788,682 views.Load Temps, The difference between stock and overclock of 4.6Ghz on the 3930K. More about : safe cpu temps core 2670q. Reply to FullFledgedFox.Make sure you can hear the fan cycling on and off. You might want inspect the intake and exhaust ports for dust, as your Core temperatures are too hot for such a light load.

Similar Threads - Core temps 3930k.Not too high. Its within the safe range. For a 6 core CPU stressing all 6 cores at the same time its a lot going on. If youre worried about temps, you can adjust the overclock down or try a better HSF. Also Speedstep is working and temps are way lower (even with my overclocked CPU). Important notice for overclockers: Multiplier works only up to 32 if you dont have power management working, so if you want to OC you need to also use BLCK Frequency. Updating to 10.9.2 is safe. Search. Close. I7 3930k temperature safe/normal? Mia. 246.Not a very good idea to overclock from 2.67 to 3.88 unless you have a liquid cooled heatsink. When it comes to processor temps, anything above 65C is bad. And what is the highest safe temp?i7 3930k asus rampage 4 black edtion asus gtx 780ti SLI antec high current 1300w 1 tb ssd samsung im playing far cry3 and my temp are at 83 degrees on first card and 75 on the second. no OC does this look normal to you guys? Phone 2018 - I7 3770k Safe Temps. CPU Temperature - What are the Maximum and Normal CPU Temps? - What is a safe and normal CPU temperature range? Join us as we reveal Intel and AMD CPU temps during idle, normal and maximum load Что должен был дать год 2011 платформенному рынку? Крупных событий планировалось ровно три: LGA1155 у Intel в начале года, новая архитектура AMD Bulldozer в его середине и еще одна новая платформа Intel, а именно LGA2011, ближе к концу. Discussing the maximum safe temperature for Core i7 CPUs and the voltages that produce them. Talk about the stock voltages/stock cooling, getting up to 100.Idle Temp (stock voltage). Intel отправляет платформу LGA1366 в отставку. На её место приходит новое решение для энтузиастов — LGA2011. Шесть ядер с микроархитектурой Sandy Bridge, четырёхканальный контроллер памяти, шина PCI Express 3.0 His temps arent that high. My friend ran a 3930k around those speeds with little higher voltage I think with an H80 with the similar temps.Zero degredation though better safe than sorry, I agree. That said, when I did hit 91C in RealtempGT. I7 3930k temperature safe/normal? Im noticing a temperature while playing games around 58 degrees Celsius (C) on average and had a recent maximum of 64If you dont have any case fans get some as this will always help. I would not be overly concerned until the cpu temps were in the mid 70s. Q/ What are safe and acceptable maximum temperatures to run during "Small FFTs" testing with 12 threads?That is why it is such a good stress test. Even with PR during heavy encoding the load will be significantly lower and temps will not go up that much. Core i7-3930K и Core i7-3820: разгон против заводских частот. В среднем, разгон в шестнадцати различных тестах даёт 16-й прирост скорости.Core i7-3930K и Core i7-2600K: тяжёлый выбор. Здесь всё становиться понятнее. Hi guys. I think I should state from the outset that I will probably not overclock my i7 3930K by much at all and I certainly havent done so yet - the following temps are therefore at the default clock speed of 3.2GHz. Компания Intel решила выпустить одновременно три модели процессоров это Core i7-3930K, i7-3960X, а также модифицированную версию Core i7 3820. Многие пользователи изначально были в недоумении касательно того Please help me out with safe water temps. I would really appreciate it.I just keep looking at my CPU temps. FYI, i7 3930k at 4.2GHz and my max CPU temp is 55-58C. Next time I will look at the water. Где-то мы наблюдали существенное преимущество Core i7-3930K перед Core i7-2600K, а где то шестиядерник и уступал. В этот раз мы расширили количество проводимых тестов, которое, в конечном счете, превысило отметку в 100 штук. "Case Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS)."При этом, разогнанный до 4,5 ГГц i7-3930K у друга нагревается до 85C (по ядрам) под нагрузкой (кулер - Noctua NH-D14) и прекрасно себя чувствует. While my GPUs temps are great, I think I could improve my CPU temperature, so I would like some feedback from people using an I7 6 cores 3900 seriesBy continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I7 3930K, 3960X and 3970X Temperatures on Water. I bought an aftermarket CPU cooler but decided to use the stock Intel one first and see what happened. A idle, the CPU temp is 38-40C.As you have already mentioned the safe temperature is 80 so how unsafe the mentioned temperature range is for my notebook ? Related Resources. Core i7 3930K stuck at 3.8 GHz. 3930K and RTS2011LC cooler temps. Disappointed in the corsair h50. New build - configuration feedback. Comfortable/ safe temps for 2600k OC? This practically puts me way back to safe temperatures range for my phenom, with core 59 C (max) and socket 75 C (max).AS5 isnt the best compound to use and will have a reasonable effect on temps (if your willing to go this far and push-pull). Другой же комп с процем i7 3930K оказался немного побыстрее, но совсем не существенно. Учитывая, что памяти было больше, то и сцену можно было нагрузить до 50млн поликов без тормозов.3d max i7-3930K. Hi, this saturday I will build my new rig with the i7 5930K. I would like to push the OC while maintaining safe voltage and temperature for a 24/hWhat is the max safe temp? Ill try running a game and rendering at the same time tonight and see what it gets up to. Are these temps safe for gaming and everyday usage or will I risk damaging my CPU by running with the abovementioned temps and voltages?The 3930K has a max TCase of 69. Do not get TCase temps confused with max TJ. s Core i7-3930K processor represents an unparalleled combination of price and performance for use on the X79 Express platform.Whats even better is that Ive effortlessly OCed this CPU to 4.7GHz and temps are only around 60C at full 100 load, which is wonderful. В качестве процессора отныне будет выступать Intel Core i7-3930K, а материнская плата была заменена на BIOSTAR T-Power X79.Визуальное отображение загрузки центрального процессора производилось через плагин Core Temp Grapher для Core Temp. Model number. I7-3930K. Family. Intel Core i7. Maximum operating temperature. 66.8C 1 Ответить Последний ответ: 21.02.2012 11:14, автор: AdolfoIntel. Is 1.32v to 1.38v VCore safe for the i7 3930K?This is a follow up question to a discussion I started here some days ago regarding the i7 3930K CPU and safe temps. My specs: Core i7 3930K (OC 4.5GHZ) 32GB Ram Asus Sabertooth x79. Are these temps normal?Those temps are about the same as Im getting right now on my 3930K 4.2GHz. But Im on air-cooling and its mid-summer here with ambient temps probably Обзор процессора Core i7-3930k. - Читайте самые свежие обзоры и тесты на сайте клуба экспертов DNS. Новинки техники мировых брендов, тесты, статьи, форум. Присоединяйтесь к нам! Количественные параметры Ryzen 5 1600 и Core i7-3930K: число ядер и потоков, тактовые частоты, техпроцесс, объем кэша и состояние блокировки множителя. Непрямым образом говорят о производительности Ryzen 5 1600 и Core i7-3930K Это больше, чем у i7-3930K, который в этом выдает всего 45801 балл. Но этому есть и вполне логическое объяснение: базовая частота последнего равна всего лишь 3,2 ГГц против 3,6 ГГц у i7-3820. Core Temp is showing max temperatures of 71 for Core 0 . I heard its safe to keep your highest temperatures 20 away from your "TJ.I used to run my 3930k at 4.2 with about 1.196 volts. It would hit about 79 C on the hottest core during the summer with an NH D14. Что посоветует прикрутить на i7 3930k?Что посоветует прикрутить на i7 3930k? Разгонять если и буду, то без фанатизма. По деньгам, разумеется, чем дешевле тем лучше, но не в ущерб качеству. Intel Core i7-3930K motherboard support. There are 62 motherboards, compatible with this processor.CPUs, similar to Intel Core i7-3930K. The Core i7-3930K is based on Sandy Bridge-E core, and it fits into Socket 2011. Вспомогательные утилиты: SpeedFan 4.44, Real Temp 3.60, CPU-z 1.58, LinX 0.6.5, Prime 26.5 build 5 (In-Place Large FTTs).Разгон Intel Core i7-3930K. Итак, диспозиция обозначена, пришло время переходить к практике.

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